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Minnesota Can Lead the Way

I always hate one thing at political rallies. Some candidate will stand up and say “This is the most important election of our lives!” Every year. Is the 2010 election as important as all the rest? I’ll let our readers decide, and then pass this around to everyone you know who wants workable single-payer health insurance.

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Seventy-Three Percent of Americans Say “YES” to Public Option

Seventy-three percent of those just polled by NBC/WSJ answer in agreement with this statement:

“Is it important to give people a choice of a public option.”

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The Time for You to Act on Health Care Insurance Reform Is Now

In observing the vitriolic, over-the-top fight to NOT have heath care insurance reform, organized by the status quo but carried out by the working class slobs who have been enamored with the Republican Party since Rush Limbaugh became its titular head a couple of decades back, you are observing the single most powerful act of spite ever carried out by any group of humans.

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A Progressive Frustrated With Democrats

The current bill is loaded in favor of those who are footing the bill to fight it, and whether that is to make them look good by “giving in” to something they want when this is all over and done, I can’t say. I think it is something is guaranteed to fail in solving the coverage crisis. It’s time to start from scratch and make it simple.

This is what I wanted to tell Betty McCollum. I hoped that my number would be drawn, but considering the turnout and my own history with winning any sort of drawings, expected that reality would prevent me from having my say to the whole group.

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This isn’t what I voted for. I did not vote for a man who allows his administration to solicit opportunities to water down the initiatives he promised. I did not vote for a man who reaches across the aisle to find a place to sit. I did not vote for a few more years. I did not vote for “Well, we could.”

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Analiese’s Reading 5/7

Lend me your ear! Astrologers are on top of the Coleman-Franken recount story…Fox threatens to shoot President, Reverend Jackson–symbolically, at least…protesting for better health care…no prosecution for torture memo authors?

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Analiese’s Reading 4/9

National politics edition: U.S. economy looks more like an emerging market than an established one after undue political influence from finance, Obama administration is attempting an end run around Congress on bailout rules and reporting, documenting the administration’s ties to finance,Nassim Taleb predicted the collapse and explains what needs to happen next, the possible return of Eliot Spitzer, Spector no longer supports a vote on EFCA, war demands sacrifices from dogs too, state legislatures focusing on voter “fraud” instead of real issues, Congress may fillibuster Justice nominee to protect Bush administration, and being denied health insurance for needing it.

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Analiese’s Reading 4/7

Feminism edition: Blame placed everywhere but on Chris Brown, that “special” time for murder, Juárez is a deadly town for women, Afghan law legalizing rape signed into law, Obama responds to Afghan law, “late-term” abortion doctor acquitted, women/minority Ph.D.s in science and engineering, inequalities in health insurance, differences between boys and girls “fixed” on the page, and women’s soccer trying again for financial success.

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