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Off Comes the Skin

Greggy’s family wasn’t rich. His dad was a highway patrolman and his mom was a nurse. With five kids, they often had to make do with what money they could spare, and Greggy didn’t have spending money very often. I was okay with sharing with him from my allowance whenever we went to the store to buy candy, because he was a good friend. So it was a surprise to me one summer afternoon when he told me that his mom had given him $20 to cut the grass. The most I had ever earned from cutting the grass was $5, and our backyard was much larger.

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Thoughts on a Declaration

I am not asleep. The cats need reassurance, and every time I start to drift off, another explosion happens outside. Or a dozen explosions. Or an explosion preceded by a screech.

This strikes me as a very good time to remember what Independence Day is actually about.

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