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Michele Bachmann One-Eighties on Major Policies

Michele Bachmann, formerly known as a strong proponent of a hands-off government with minimal regulations, has called for an increase of government expenditures and regulatory involvement in … shockingly … environmental matters. Bachmann has even endorsed the confiscation by government agents of private property when needed to save the environment.

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Erik Paulsen and Michele Bachmann Compared

Paulsen is maintaining his distance from Bachmann, as a continuation of the “I’m not too right wing for Plymouth (one of our centrist suburbs)” persona. But is it true? Is Paulsen different from Bachmann?

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Bachmann Updates

So, we can all think that only crazy and stupid people will vote for Michele Bachmann this year. If that’s the case, then there are a lot of them in her district. Or we can support the Democratic organizations in the 6th District and the candidate who is running against her in the general election.

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Ed Does Bachmann

On the Eve of Thanksgiving, Ed of The Ed Show broadcast from the Twin Cities and focused on our own Michele Bachmann.

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Ostracize Josh

Josh told reporters that it really wasn’t any trouble at all. To bring his gun that is. He routinely grabs his car keys, his wallet, and his loaded pistol on the way out the door. That is, I would guess, because Josh is a gun nut.

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My Life as a Thief

We’re trying to tell them they are placing false trust in large corporations whose purpose is more to make money than cover their customers’ needs. But they like their American Way. Anyone who seeks to change that with a public option, or the now “off the table” single payer plan is a thief trying to steal their money. My life as a thief consists of asking them why they are so willing to entrust their health and financial future with companies that are charging full price for premiums, but providing discount service in exchange.

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Town Hall Meetings and The Eddie Haskell Factor

The events are now being populated by people who have bought into the distorted analyses of HR 32oo, and are genuinely confused at to what the bill includes and what it doesn’t include. They are now being populated by people genuinely concerned about the deficit (but one wonders where they were when George Bush was out there cutting taxes for the wealthy and raising spending to create the mess we are in). They are people who are now against a bill that would, in fact, help them, because they have heard the noise and the noise frightens them.

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Replace Michele Bachmann Blog Carnival #8

When we last saw our insipid heroine-in-her-own-mind, she was proposing legislation to keep America safe for the dollar and joining her fellow party members in flirting with sedition. Reaction to both behaviors continued long after our last carnival.

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Revenge of Daughter of the Replace Michele Bachmann Blog Carnival

As I explained to someone the other day, I thought that after the election, we’d be able to retire the Replace Michele Bachmann Blog Carnival. Even though she squeaked through her reelection with a slim plurality, I was among the people who still considered the Republicans capable of learning what hadn’t worked for them in this election. One of those things being Bachmann, I thought she’d end up in some congressional broom closet somewhere, in a straitjacket with a duct tape gag. Not that I spent any time dwelling on this image or anything.

Alas, it was not to be.

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Analiese’s Reading 3/24

Red River Valley flood preparations move into high gear as storm approaches, Norm Coleman’s attorney says they’ll lose this round, did MPR soften unflattering Coleman headline, Michele Bachmann makes headlines of her own with call for armed revolution, and Minnesota offers solutions to curb emissions.

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