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You Talk A Mite Too Much, General

I am all in favor of the White House and the military being at odds over policy and politics. I have this notion that the elected civilians need to remind the officers that in our country, at least, the elected civilians are in charge. It’s that respect for the concept of democracy deep within my little cowboy heart that gets alarmed whenever I sense that the President and the Joint Chiefs of Staff are too much on the same page.

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Don’t Cry For Me, Joe Barton

Representative Joe Barton, who along with Minnesota’s native daughter Michele Bachmann has felt the strings of sympathy tugging his heart for BP, apologized for Obama’s strong arm tactics in getting BP to agree to a 20 billion dollar fund to recompense those who have been financially damaged by the leaking oil. While he has since unapologized and said that absolutely BP needs to be held responsible for their mess, he only did so to stem a political embarrassment. He does feel sorry for them. He weeps for them and the troubles they have faced.

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Young Conservatives

I wondered what happened to all of the liberals that I had hoped to pal around with in college. I found a few, but they were far between. I was often the only one in arguments who would take the liberal view. But I didn’t consider myself persecuted. I was just outnumbered, and overall I could have friendly arguments with them. Sometimes they would say stupid things that made my blood boil. It had to do with their racism, and it was a particularly nasty sort of racism.

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Ostracize Josh

Josh told reporters that it really wasn’t any trouble at all. To bring his gun that is. He routinely grabs his car keys, his wallet, and his loaded pistol on the way out the door. That is, I would guess, because Josh is a gun nut.

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This isn’t what I voted for. I did not vote for a man who allows his administration to solicit opportunities to water down the initiatives he promised. I did not vote for a man who reaches across the aisle to find a place to sit. I did not vote for a few more years. I did not vote for “Well, we could.”

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Town Hall Meetings and The Eddie Haskell Factor

The events are now being populated by people who have bought into the distorted analyses of HR 32oo, and are genuinely confused at to what the bill includes and what it doesn’t include. They are now being populated by people genuinely concerned about the deficit (but one wonders where they were when George Bush was out there cutting taxes for the wealthy and raising spending to create the mess we are in). They are people who are now against a bill that would, in fact, help them, because they have heard the noise and the noise frightens them.

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Maybe We Should Have Elected a White President After All

Join me, if you will, in a moment of utter, deep cynicism. That would mean you thinking, for just a moment, exactly like I think every second of the day. This will be painful for you, unless you are already where I am.

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Analiese’s Reading 6/2

The threat against Obama; bailout contractors and conflict of interest; Hong Kong protest over Tiananmen; war damage in Pakistan; Lady Gaga video; and pig farming documentary under threat.

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Analiese’s Reading 5/30

Coleman backers are bad; Cheney, the annoying ex VP; Pawlenty makes it harder to vote; and progressives persuade Obama on Panama free trade.

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Analiese’s Reading 5/9

Obama to bring back military commissions? Gitmo records to be destroyed? Target Women. Watada case dropped by Justice Department. Unsafe cosmetics. Better wind turbines.

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