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Carnival of the Liberals, Number 90

Welcome to the 90th edition, continuing the tradition bequeathed to Quiche Moraine by the intrepid Johnny Pez. For those new to Quiche Moraine, this is a collaboration of blogging excellence conceived and maintained in the hopes of inspiring liberals to write about food and stuff. An example of “stuff” intended for publication is the blog carnival. Hmm. Blog carnival. Liberal. What could be a better fit for Quiche Moraine than the Carnival of the Liberals? It’s a go!

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Analiese’s Reading 4/9

National politics edition: U.S. economy looks more like an emerging market than an established one after undue political influence from finance, Obama administration is attempting an end run around Congress on bailout rules and reporting, documenting the administration’s ties to finance,Nassim Taleb predicted the collapse and explains what needs to happen next, the possible return of Eliot Spitzer, Spector no longer supports a vote on EFCA, war demands sacrifices from dogs too, state legislatures focusing on voter “fraud” instead of real issues, Congress may fillibuster Justice nominee to protect Bush administration, and being denied health insurance for needing it.

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Can Society Make Ethical Decisions Without Science?

The big risk in practicing science is that you may not like the answer it provides. The previous administration, when faced with results it didn’t like, decided to censor the results. I don’t see how this makes any sense. How can a government make decisions and policy when the facts are hidden or discredited based on predetermined biases?

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Wil Wheaton on Where We Go From Here

It’s a great time but not an easy one. We really have to mean it when we say that we want to work on improving the country. We have to guard against irrational exuberance over the election of Barack Obama. He won’t be able to wave a magic wand; it’s going to be tough, and there will have to be some compromises made and some deals “across the aisles.” We won, but we can’t afford to demonize the side that lost this year. Some are all ready counting on Obama to fail, and we can’t afford to allow further division.

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