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The Circus of the Spineless #43

This month’s submissions to the Circus of the Spineless web carnival represent an astonishing array of organisms, and the full range of the kinds of interests people take in those organisms, and each post is illustrated with at least one, often many, very pretty pictures.

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Analiese’s Reading 4/4

Art and oddities edition: art as social commentary, cassette-tape portraiture, Frans Lanting, the morning-after burrito, inside the Peeps factory, Archie Green, Amy Bennet, Minneapolis’s street cellist.

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Minnesota Strobists Enter Their Second Year

Members have frequently commented on how much they have grown as photographers since joining the group and attending events. Over the last year, I’ve organized and attended all but one of the events, and I’ve found that I learn something new at each one. This is partly from other photographers pointing out something I’ve never thought of before, but mostly from answering questions that I haven’t had to think about myself.

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Celebrate Darwin and Evolution

One look at the November 20th, 2008 cover of “Nature” will remind you that 2009 is the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth. To celebrate, The Bell Museum of Natural History has planned a big, fun, evolutionary birthday party with cake, drinks and presentations by University of Minnesota faculty.

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