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Bachmann Updates

So, we can all think that only crazy and stupid people will vote for Michele Bachmann this year. If that’s the case, then there are a lot of them in her district. Or we can support the Democratic organizations in the 6th District and the candidate who is running against her in the general election.

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Is Keith Ellison the Antichrist?

I suppose it is quite reasonable that the man chosen by the Republicans to run against Fifth District Congressman Keith Ellison is a firm believer that we are presently in the End Times and that the Antichrist is almost here.

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Ed Does Bachmann

On the Eve of Thanksgiving, Ed of The Ed Show broadcast from the Twin Cities and focused on our own Michele Bachmann.

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Caucusing in the DFL Is a Good Thing

This is your time to start focusing your activity and shaping the party that you belong to. Enter resolutions, discuss them, vote on them, volunteer. Get excited about getting active. Meet people who share at least some of your goals. Be cynical but friendly.

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Government Should Run Like a Business?

Organizations whose goal is profit make decisions through a far different process than entities that don’t, and it is best that way. As a property-tax payer, I can go to an opening meeting of the local city council and voice my opinion. Even if I weren’t a property-tax payer, I could do so, because budget meetings for the government entities are open-door proceedings and have time allotted for public comment. I couldn’t do that at a Medtronics board meeting. I have no influence over the way that Medtronics sets its budget or conducts its business, even if the decisions that they make effect me in some ways.

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The Day the Right Wing Lost Its Last Shred of Moral Standing

OK, have you stopped laughing? Have you stopped screaming? Have you cleared the tears from your eyes? Yes, it is true. This video scared the authorities into spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to carry out dozens of blatantly unconstitutional acts and hundreds of inappropriate activities. Thousands of law enforcement officials were involved. A pogrom was carried out. The Mayor of Saint Paul and the Chief of Police saw this video, shat in their pants, and the smell is still ripe.

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If You Get Sick, It’s Your Own Fault

I’m tired of having to shoot people I’m trying to help.

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Waiting for the Madmen to Speak Freely

The teabaggers and birthers and town-hall busters are all, in truth, in the category that the press should report about but not in concert with. So, I’m waiting for the secretly taken videos to leak out onto YouTube. When the madmen are speaking freely among themselves, they will say things that will realign the way they are regarded, even by conservative press.

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Quiche Moraine at Azia and the Black Forest

… So, last night, when Ben and Stephanie and I got to Azia and were expecting Ana, but she was running late, I suggested that we order Ana’s favorite dish and wine. This way Ana would be taken care of when she arrived, and we would not have to mess around. I am so incredibly thoughtful that I can’t even believe it sometimes.

It turns out that Azia no longer serves this dish, but that did not matter. Our waiter, who was excellent, simply arranged for the dish to be made, and for a proper wine to be uncorked. The dish was significantly larger than I remembered it, several feet in diameter and teeming with what looked like the day’s catch from a medium-sized trawler (but with no turtles). We were about halfway through when Ana arrived, and I know she appreciated the fact that we had arranged the dinner in her honor, even if we had already eaten most of it….

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Analiese’s Reading 4/9

National politics edition: U.S. economy looks more like an emerging market than an established one after undue political influence from finance, Obama administration is attempting an end run around Congress on bailout rules and reporting, documenting the administration’s ties to finance,Nassim Taleb predicted the collapse and explains what needs to happen next, the possible return of Eliot Spitzer, Spector no longer supports a vote on EFCA, war demands sacrifices from dogs too, state legislatures focusing on voter “fraud” instead of real issues, Congress may fillibuster Justice nominee to protect Bush administration, and being denied health insurance for needing it.

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