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Our Conversations Are Like a Cold Fruit Salad on a Dusty, Hot, Summer Day

All utterances are questionable. All communications are subject to measurement against a standard that one can easily justify even though one has merely pulled it out of one orifice or another. There is a place where this kind of communication is favored, revered, honed and practiced, and imposed by force of will and repetition on those who do not come to the table armed with snark and oppositional in affect.

That place is known…as the blogosphere.

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Analiese’s Reading 5/31

Special environment and climate edition. EPA approves Appalachian mountaintop mining permits, U.S. CO2 emissions fall in 2008, ethanol producers unhappy with EPA climate accounting, new model for global ocean currents, restoring Mississippi rapids in the Twin Cities, and tracking water pollutants remotely.

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Analiese’s Reading 5/19

Superfund polluter to run US environment division; House to make schools greener; U.S. is not carbon flat; wind-powered drive-in (but really, you should probably walk there).

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Analiese’s Reading 5/16

Toxic waste: biggest class action case ever in Britain; e-waste; bad news for birds.

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Analiese’s Reading 4/23

Environment and ecology edition: Status of the Wilkins ice shelf, how not to solve global warming, Obama administration policy on climate, U.S. wind power capacity, turning Colombia into a desert, too much water in some parts of India, too little in others, flame-retardant in coastal waters, the toxic byproducts of water purification, plastic found in leatherback turtles, traveling off the grid, enjoying the birds of Belize, saving Madagascar, a solar cooker made of cardboard, concrete mixed with environmental impact in mind,avoiding 1,4-dioxane, reusing steel shipping containers, environmental toxicity and concentrations of color, an interesting interactive map of U.S. factory farms, Germany bans GM corn, treating for bee colony collapse, and NASA’s list of air-purifying house plants.

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