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Analiese’s Reading 4/5

Minnesota edition: A retrospective of the Coleman-Franken election and recount for those who’ve lost track, Fox & Friends spreads misinformation about the recount, the order for delivery of ballots to be appraised and counted, Coleman vows another appeal, analysis of why it’s worth it to Coleman to look like a sore loser, O’Reilly boycotts Minnesota for voting for Franken, the costs of even a successful fight against flooding, and the RNC8 prosecution will test an unused state conspiracy law.

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Analiese’s Reading 3/29

Minnesota edition: News on the flooding from the Red River Valley, Franken-Coleman recount updates, Coleman donor investigation news, immigrants (and a Minnesota-born citizen) held illegally, RNC8 informant convicted, exploring the state’s alternative energy options.

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Analiese’s Reading 3/24

Red River Valley flood preparations move into high gear as storm approaches, Norm Coleman’s attorney says they’ll lose this round, did MPR soften unflattering Coleman headline, Michele Bachmann makes headlines of her own with call for armed revolution, and Minnesota offers solutions to curb emissions.

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A Simple Assignment

This was a simple assignment. I worked for an independent auto damage appraisal company, writing estimates for auto repair. My boss’s guidelines were clear. If the floodwaters had reached the bottom of the seat, the car would be declared a total loss. I didn’t need to continue to write the estimate up until the damage reached 70% of the value of the car. I would only need to note the level of water damage.

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A Young River in an Old Valley

The Red River in Minnesota flows backwards in its channel, in a northerly direction. Its course is backwards not because it’s going north (many people in America do think that rivers flow south), but rather, because its channel is part of a larger channel that historically carried more water than any other river on this planet has ever carried. This was the Warren River, which emptied Lake Agassiz (the largest fresh water lake ever) via the Red River Valley, then on to the Minnesota River Valley, then to the Mighty Mississippi. Much mightier then.

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