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Being a Voyeur of Religion, Politely

A comparison of visits to two religious material entities: The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Jeffers Native American Petroglyph Site.

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Knowing the Problem of Induction

Through these experiences, I found out how religious people “know” what they know. There could be no doubt, because the words came directly to me while I was experiencing the ecstasy. There was no induction needed, because through those experiences I had the Truth.

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A “Fine-Tuned” Universe as Proof of a God?

There are many scientists who believe that, if one or more physics constants of the universe had varied only slightly, they would have produced a universe incapable of supporting life. For example, if one constant had been slightly different, the universe would have collapsed back in upon itself before life had a chance to form.

Some religious people look at this supposedly “fine-tuned” universe and claim it is proof that a god exists who did the fine-tuning. Let us examine this claim.

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The Christian Colonies

They’d come to the colonies, as many had, because they couldn’t practice their brand of religion in a land where the state was the head of the church. What they found (or perhaps helped to found, as the records aren’t very clear) was a colony where the church was the head of the state, just as many would like the situation to be today.

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Shaming the Atheists

I consider the writer to be a friend but I think he is wrong in this post. There is good reason that many of us would like to see religion gone, and it is religion itself, not the people who are religious, that we want to see wither and die.

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Core Values, Atheism and Religion

Loftus said that they are not wrong nor stupid for being religious and even discussed the skeptical nature of the most intelligent of the apologists. Loftus made the case that, in fact, people such as William Lane Craig are probably more intelligent than he is. I can name some religious thinkers far more intelligent than I am. The issue with religion is not intelligence. The issue is that of core values, and presupposition.

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Asking Clarifying Questions

I will tell you now that I am more interested in having a beer with a creationist than I am with someone who insists that he or she knows the “right approach” to build enthusiasm for evolution. I get to the point where I can’t stand to be around people who know this answer, but can’t see the irony in the idea that they have come to this conclusion on how to increase the acceptance of science without using science to find out.

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Religion Hunter Bites the Dust

Being a religion hunter says a couple of things about you. First, you are likely sincerely seeking that something outside yourself. Unfortunately, the longer you look without finding, the more you are likely to become prey to the grifters, the charlatans, the greedy, and the idiots who just might kill you. Second, it says you are looking to others to give you what you are unable to give yourself. If you hunt out religions, you must carry the belief that other people know something, hold some secret, that you haven’t found yet–and that it’s something that they can share.

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The Interloper

I was taught that at birth I carried the sin of Adam and Eve and that I needed to practice certain rituals or pray certain prayers to be cleansed of the sin that I never committed. I needed baptism, confession and contrition to access the creator. In another version of Christianity I needed to be “born again.” I could never be good enough for the creator on my own, being human. And being human, I was condemned to be separate from the creator unless I chose the right way to accept redemption.

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Quiche Moraine Shuts Down the Radio

As you may know, most of the Quiche Moraine crew has been involved with the Minnesota Atheists’ Atheists Talk radio show. Mike hosted the show until he took over as director earlier this year. At that point, Stephanie became the regular show host. Greg has been a guest multiple times, and all three have interviewed guests for the show.

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