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This Sandwich Has a Subtext

It is not that I’m a slow learner. Rather, I’m somewhat traumatized by subway sandwiches. This is because of Mike’s Submarine Sandwiches at the corner of Washington and Central in my home town. Mike’s was in an old red brick building sticking out at the end of a triangular junction between these two major streets, sitting right at the junction of “downtown” and “uptown.”

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A Tale of Two Trips, Part II

When I lived in Dallas, I had a friend who had been to Naples to study architecture. He told me that the first time he went to a pizza restaurant in Naples, he was surprised that pizza in Naples is so much different than it is in Texas. He described to me a pizza made with a light sprinkling of cheese, olive oil and a pair of eggs. Instead of placing the pizza in a convection oven, the chef placed it on a hearth to bake. He told me that while he was hesitant to try it, the pie turned out to be delicious. When I saw “Pizza Con Uovo,” on the menu at Pizza Nea, I just had to try it.

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Little Szechuan, Science Fiction and the Science of the Soul

I had hoped for something a little less expensive myself, and nearly decided to skip the meal to head home. But I have a fault. I don’t like to leave the party if I don’t have anything pressing, and I consider being with fellow atheists to be a “party.” Atheist gatherings are an opportunity to speak freely, and for me, generally an opportunity to listen freely as I am not a talkative person. The subjects that atheists talk about are wide in scope and conversation usually flows through many subjects.

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