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The Day the Right Wing Lost Its Last Shred of Moral Standing

OK, have you stopped laughing? Have you stopped screaming? Have you cleared the tears from your eyes? Yes, it is true. This video scared the authorities into spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to carry out dozens of blatantly unconstitutional acts and hundreds of inappropriate activities. Thousands of law enforcement officials were involved. A pogrom was carried out. The Mayor of Saint Paul and the Chief of Police saw this video, shat in their pants, and the smell is still ripe.

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Analiese’s Reading 4/5

Minnesota edition: A retrospective of the Coleman-Franken election and recount for those who’ve lost track, Fox & Friends spreads misinformation about the recount, the order for delivery of ballots to be appraised and counted, Coleman vows another appeal, analysis of why it’s worth it to Coleman to look like a sore loser, O’Reilly boycotts Minnesota for voting for Franken, the costs of even a successful fight against flooding, and the RNC8 prosecution will test an unused state conspiracy law.

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Analiese’s Reading 3/29

Minnesota edition: News on the flooding from the Red River Valley, Franken-Coleman recount updates, Coleman donor investigation news, immigrants (and a Minnesota-born citizen) held illegally, RNC8 informant convicted, exploring the state’s alternative energy options.

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Analiese’s Reading 3/5

The RNC lawsuits begin, the criminalization of the United States, good news for U.S. manufacturing, a gun law upheld in court, and the advantages provided by having good glass.

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