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The Truth About Jason Page, Filmmaker

I’d like you to know that almost exactly fifty percent of what is stated in the essay is accurate. The other fifty percent is not. There really were several police cars, lights flashing, driving across the median of Highway 100 at the Excelsior Ave exit, causing all the cars on the on-ramp to pull over (even though the cops were not driving down the on-ramp; they were going cross-country). However, it is NOT true that I drove my Humvee past all the cars that had pulled over. I’m not saying whether there were donuts involved in this police action or not.

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Analiese’s Reading 4/4

Art and oddities edition: art as social commentary, cassette-tape portraiture, Frans Lanting, the morning-after burrito, inside the Peeps factory, Archie Green, Amy Bennet, Minneapolis’s street cellist.

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