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Can Society Make Ethical Decisions Without Science?

The big risk in practicing science is that you may not like the answer it provides. The previous administration, when faced with results it didn’t like, decided to censor the results. I don’t see how this makes any sense. How can a government make decisions and policy when the facts are hidden or discredited based on predetermined biases?

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Gender Trends in Science and Medical Writing

As a medical writer, I’ve noticed that most medical writers I meet are female. A quick Google search using the keywords‚ “freelance medical writer‚” produced seven female and three male writers (approx. 2:1 ratio) from the first 10 eligible results. While it is difficult to draw statistically relevant conclusions from such a small sample size, it certainly implies a trend.

The American Medical Writers Association is the leading professional organization for medical communicators, with over 5,500 members from around the world. The ratio of female to male members is 4449:1227 (approx. 4:1), mirroring the trend observed with the Google search.

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e + God Equals m Times c Squared

For me, the value of inserting religion into science is that we can see we are inserting an extraneous variable into our statistics and our mathematical equations. The formula most beloved by people who are interested in science is the famous “e = mc².” It is useful in understanding the relationship between energy, mass and the conversion thereof. It has been tested and verified through the observation of matter and light in the labs and in astronomy’s galactic lenses.

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Yes, Virginia, Darwin Was Wrong

On Tangled Up in Blue Guy, I often post a “Friday 419” piece. Today I will talk about a different kind of scam. Magazines and newspapers are selling you copies of their publications with the shocking revelation that Darwin’s work was not completely accurate, based on new knowledge gained since his time.

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Celebrating Darwin, Celebrating Science

As much as anything else, Darwin’s legacy is the example of a life lived scratching that itch. Others could have discovered the same things he did. He didn’t do it by heroics but by work. He did what anyone could have done. He did what we all can do.

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