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Forced to Join the Columbia House Record Club

Which brings me right up to the present. Since I mention my first girlfriend, I will also mention my last girlfriend, Amanda. There are a number of things that I’ve always liked but no one that I was “with” (as it were) also liked, or at least, such things were not important to them. For instance, I’ve always wanted to own a Subaru. No one I was “with” ever wanted a Subaru, so that never happened. Amanda strongly prefers Subarus. So now we have a couple of them. How cool is that?

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Happy Memorial Day, Jane Fonda

During the Viet Nam War, Jane Fonda enraged hawks and invigorated the anti-war movement by visiting Hanoi in North Viet Nam. Many people felt this was aiding and abetting the enemy, and Fonda has not been forgiven by most of these people. Fonda herself has made public statements that visiting Hanoi was the wrong thing to do.

That was her publicist talking. It was the right thing to do.

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